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The Greatest Transition in the History of Mankind.

The Return of Paradise.

The Big Picture Revelation


Joyfire comments


I was asked to write an article for The Millennium Website by the owner Gary D. Goodwin about my beliefs that we are seeing a dimensional shift and that the rising levels of UFOs actually represent the widespread appearance of another life form. However, I decided to take a different approach and integrate science and metaphysics with astronomical knowledge that has been decoded from mythology, art, architecture and literature about these times. Whilst I was thinking, reflecting and writing, I had a revelation. Information that I already knew somehow became far more poignant and I was completely stunned. For the first time in a very long time, I felt hope for mankind as I realised that humanity was in the process of being given back Paradise. This article explains what this means and how it is going to happen. I have written a step by step argument for intelligent and educated people, because our world is going to radically change, but in a way that I imagine very few have thought about. Due to the revelatory nature of this essay, the question of UFOs almost pales into insignificance, but not really, it seems that we can't have Paradise without them.

That's intriguing isn't it?

Please read on, this is amazing news. 


This essay is available in four parts in .pdf format only.  Susan Joy Rennison, B.Sc.Hons. (Physics with Geophysics). 24th June 2010


•    Part 1 Page 1 - 40 
o    Introduction 
o    Decoding Literature, Architecture, Monuments and Art 
o    Keepers of Ancient Knowledge Predict Space Weather 
o    The Management of Earth's EM Grid 
o    Space Weather And Earth's 'Web of Power' 
o    "It's a whole new ball game in space" 
o    Extreme Space Weather — Trial By Fire? 
o    Magnetars – The Galactic Delivery Service 
o    Unorthodox Beliefs & Scientific Reality 
•    Right click to save download in .pdf format link 

•    Part 2 Page 41 - 68 
o    The Evolution of Space-Time 
o    Who or What Are 'The Ancestors?' 
o    The Return of Paradise 
o    The Big Picture Revelation Final Summary 
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•    Appendix 1 – Light Phenomena Known By Ancient and Traditional People link 
•    Appendix 2 – References & Notes 
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Note - 6th August 2010
Just in case there are a few people are have read NO reports about the new widespread phenomena of orange balls of light (OBOLs) or (Red Ice listeners looking for the reference from my July interview), here is the link to an article written by an investigative reporter in the UK, who realises that something major is happening : 

Tom Slemen: Probes or signs of an alien invasion? 
Liverpool Echo, 13th January 2010 

For more reports see, Best of the Blog - Orbs, UAP Traffic & UFO Disclosure 
General Note
This essay is being sent to intelligentsia for their comments, if you have contact with people with a proven academic track record, who are interested in the integration of science and metaphysics, please forward the link to this webpage. 

Please respect copyright. There is no general permission to copy anything from this essay for use on other websites. 

2012, Galactic Cosmology & A New World Age 
Since there is increasing focus on the approaching 21st December 2012 ‘End-date’ of various non-Gregorian Calendars around the world, principally but not exclusively Mayan, I have decided it now appropriate to apply some independent scrutiny. This is especially required as many are under the impression that something magical or catastrophic will happen on this End-date. So, after paying attention to genuine Mayan Elders and indigenous leaders who have retained ancient knowledge of the Great Cycles of time, it seems that the world is only picking up the ‘buzz’ about a particular day.

This is unfortunate when the ‘Keepers of Ancient Knowledge’ have actually emphasised an approximate 25 year window of transition that they view as being a gestation or pregnancy and what will happen will actually be the birth of a New World Age. According to modern Mayan Elders, we are about to enter a New World Age that will last 5,200 years, that will be dominated by the ether or space. 

The Mayan Hunab-Ku

This is the most sacred symbol for the Highest Authority for the Milky Way Galaxy. The Universal Creative Intelligence is 'The Creator', and the Hunab K'u was one of the Creator's agencies. The sacred “G” can be found all over Central and South America and symbolises the Milky Way, the primordial configuration - the spiral, the source, the cosmic essence. It can be found on the pyramids as the Giver of Movement and measure - measure of the soul and movement of energy which is spirit.

The Hunab Ku symbolizes form and energy, soul and spirit, the geometric form is a square within the circle. Reference: Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion. Hunbatz Men and see additional note below. 
Unfortunately, this fact has been largely overlooked by those who have been speculating about the meaning of the Mayan calendar End-date. It seems there has been a need to clarify why the Maya supposedly choose the Winter Solstice 21st December 2012, as if this could have been an arbitrary decision. Hence, there have been many who have debated this ad infinitum. Since the arguments can be found elsewhere, they will not be repeated here. In the following article, I would like to point out the difference between what Mayan researchers are suggesting and what genuine Mayan Elders are currently teaching based on their understanding of cosmic evolutionary energies and how this translates to what is happening to our world. 
Currently, I have not found any reference to a non-Mayan initiate being taught how to interpret the Mayan calendars. What I have found is academics which include archaeoastronomers, astrologers and researchers interested in ancient calendars that have independently ‘worked out’ how to interpret 3 of the 20 Mayan Calendars in existence. It is also apparent that many have specialised in bringing their own interpretation of cosmic evolutionary energies using Mayan Calendars. After some analysis, I believe there are well known Mayan Calendar experts like Jose Arguelles and Carl Calleman who promote their interpretations with the intent to uplift the consciousness of mankind. Hence, they may not be completely correct but the intent is genuine.

Yet, due to many misconceptions, Mayan Elders have still felt the need to send ‘envoys’ into the world to ‘correct’ inaccuracies that are being continuously attributed as being Mayan. 


Hunab-Ku: Popular Modern version 
It is known that the Maya track 20 different cycles (calendars) of varying durations, which have to do with plants, humans, prophecies, numerics, solar system, galaxy, universe and the divine to name a few. According to Mayan Time Keepers, the most important calendar known to Mayan researchers is the Tzolk'in, (Long Count) which is used for the observation of time, and the different energies that interrelate with the human being. Thus, I have been amazed to discover that Mayan Elders, who have been entrusted as the world’s ‘Time Keepers’ by other indigenous groups state that the three commonly used Mayan calendars including the most popular Tzolkin are NOT cosmic calendars and should NOT be used to interpret galactic events. The source here is one Gerardo Barrios who is an Ajq'ij which means Time Keeper from Guatemala, who claims to have interviewed 600 Mayan Elders. This is most interesting as it is believed that the Long Count is a prophetic calendar and marks the Suns/Worlds or New World Ages. It consists of a 5200 year cycle and ‘experts’ believe this is obviously a fifth of a bigger cycle which relates to The Precession of the Equinoxes, which is caused by the Earth taking approximately 26,000 years to wobble around on it’s axis. The connection is significant because it takes us into many other avenues of research. Specifically, the domain of certain ancient world mythology that a few respected and learned academics have dared to tell us is/was subsequently systematically encoded with astronomical data that emphatically warns us about the link between precession and the possibility of world catastrophe. 
Gerardo Barrios is most interesting because he is bold enough to tell us that there are Mayan calendars and artefacts that have been hidden since the time of the Spanish invasion. In fact he states;
Prophecies let us know of the coming of the conquistadors of Europe. This allowed the Mayans to prepare for this invasion. They did a lot of work before the Spaniards came to Latin America. Part of that work was to create secret libraries to keep the codices. The great elders were transferred and migrated to other areas that were inaccessible. The elders informed their people of the prophecies, what was going to happen, and that it was unavoidable. They instructed them that they must be prepared not fight it, but to let it happen.

Fragment of the San Barolo Wall Mural 
In the book, The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls [1997] by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas, we are presented with the views of genuine Mayan Elders. Don Alejandro Cirilo Oxlaj Peres is a Mayan priest who is quoted at length concerning the current times. Don Alejandro supports the claims of Gerardo Barrios by telling us about a Council of Elders that hid in the mountains for 500 years during the period known as the Nine Hells. Apparently, they are now out in the open and ready to share new information with the world. The reason being that the energy has shifted so much on this planet, they know that they will not be killed and their knowledge can now be shared. This means that we must pay great attention to what we are being told if they are only now prepared to share wisdom that has been withheld for 500 years. 
In this regard, we must also consider the recent discovery of a chamber deep in the jungles of Peten, Guatemala in a Maya site called San Bartolo. It is believed that this chamber was reopened by in the year 2001 by grave robbers looking for treasure. What they found is the remains of magnificent murals, considered the oldest Mayan murals to be uncovered to date. According to Mayan researcher Aluna Joy, who is dedicated to promoting the Mayan calendars and culture, she states that this is just one of hundreds of sealed chambers that date hundreds of years before the before the birth of Christ, a thousand years before the 13th century Dresden Codex and the 16th century Popol Vul (the Mayan bible). Aluna Joy believes the murals in San Bartolo are a brief history of our past world and an echo of the 5th world that is fast approaching. But certainly, Mayan Elders, researchers and academics will provide widely differing interpretations based on their level of consciousness. 
In this discussion, it is necessary to point out that there seems to be a schism between Mayan academics and researchers with current Mayan Elders. This may be due to the pain the Maya have endured as their culture has been systematically destroyed over the last 500 years and what has been left has been used to portray the Maya in a way they believe is inaccurate. In fact, the Franciscan Friar Diego de Landa is most cited for his crimes against the Maya. Landa wrote the book Relacion de las cosas de Yucatan [1566] in his own defense against accusations that he unlawfully used the Spanish Inquisition on the Maya to torture children and convert their families to Catholicism. Sadly, it seems he was only trying to hide the fact that he did sanction the burning of thousands of Mayan hieroglyphic books in the middle 16th century. The point here is that we should consider that Mayan scholars and researchers are very keen to provide a westernised and sometimes unenlightened view of what remains of Mesoamerican culture. Therefore nobody should be fooled into thinking that many interpretations of Mayan codices and glyphs are anything more than educated guesswork. 
Thus as we approach 2012, we have the unprecedented situation of the major fulfilment of Mayan prophecy i.e. a New Age being dominated by ether or space, but the metaphysical world seems to have missed the full implications of what this actually means. There has been no understanding of the need to integrate science and metaphysics so that ‘those of higher consciousness’ can explain this evolutionary transition to a baffled world. Incredibly, in the early 1990s, it seems that there was strong opposition from within the New Age community to any notion of ‘New Energy being available on the planet. This was at the exact same time that the scientific world were scrambling to understand the new phenomena of Space Weather and the effect on the worlds technological infrastructure. Consequently, it has taken a very long time for some who were supposedly advanced in their consciousness to accept fundamental changes in harnessing the new frequencies of light and thus working with new sources of subtle energy. Hence, we are in a situation where major prophecies are being fulfilled and the world is agog at the rapid evolutionary changes taking place. It seems that those who are most acutely aware of our changing reality suffer from not being heard over the din of those with slick marketing campaigns who wish to promote the latest New Age fad. Thus, the result is a muffled and distorted message to the world that the nature our reality is rapidly morphing. So, while Mayan scholars and researchers debate about the meaning of Mayan monuments and artefacts that could not be easily destroyed, modern Mayan Elders have correctly predicted that the world is now rapidly moving into a completely new dispensation.
The following review of Galactic Cosmology will not be exhaustive and it is for the reader to do their own research and check the facts presented here as best as they can elsewhere. I have lent heavily on the work of John Major Jenkins who is recognised as having made a significant contribution to understanding and promoting Mayan Galactic Cosmology and the research and expert opinion of astrophysicist Dr Paul LaViolette, whose multi-disciplinary approach to galactic cosmology and decoding ancient mythology is invaluable. My interest is trying to highlight concepts and ideas that are being attributed to the Maya and to integrate the latest science to either confirm or dismiss information that maybe right, completely wrong or just misleading. The information presented here can be considered as an adjunct to my book, ‘Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism and Spiritual Evolution’ which was my first attempt at integrating science and metaphysics. I believe I was the first person in the world to formally link the new phenomena of Space Weather and the new Space Weather feature of the Equatorial Electrojet (EEJ) that arrived in 1989 with Mayan prophecy. Click here for YouTube clip [0:24] of Magnetic fields due to The Equatorial Electrojet (EEJ). Specifically, the prophecy of a New Age dominated by ether or space and the arrival of the predicted Mayan ’Serpent Rope’ that I believed had been forecast to arrive before the 2012 Mayan calendar End-date. Even though there is a thorough discussion of the Serpent Rope and the properties of plasma in my book, there has been some misunderstanding by those who lack the capacity to understand even basic scientific concepts. Hence, it seems necessary to make an analogy. The EEJ can be thought of as a storm drain that circles the Earth. The drain was first discovered in 1922 with virtually nothing in it, but after The Great Magnetic Storm in 1989, the storm drain was filled to capacity and the flow of energy has just got more powerful over time. The correctness of my observation can be clearly seen in computer graphics of what happens during geomagnetic storms and the sudden appearance of even more ‘serpents’ circling the globe. 

The Equatorial Electrojet as determined from CHAMP satellite observations. 
This is the foretold 'Serpent Rope' and can be explained as how excess electromagnetic energty in the form of plasma is stored around Earth. 
Copyright © Hermann Lühr, GFZ Potsdam 

As it is clear to anyone who has studied ancient world religions. The High Priests of ancient religions were astronomers and scientists who encoded their knowledge into mythology and religion as religious observances, texts, art and monuments etc. This was then foisted onto the ignorant masses for consumption. Today, this is obvious to anyone with any intellectual capacity who has done any seriously study of the subject. Therefore, once this concept is grasped, then as we live in a time with access to tremendous volumes of scientific information, it is much easier to decode ancient sources of knowledge. Hence, I decoded mythology associated with the Egyptian god Apepi, usually referred to as the Greek god Apophis, as a metaphor for the EEJ as the scientific properties of the EEJ made this association obvious. 
This report is written for the Seekers of Truth, who are not satisfied with the half-truths and distortions of those with the wrong motives or are simply misguided. Someone’s personal beliefs may be their honest truth but it does not mean that they are correct. Since it is now proven that our world is facing an onslaught of solar, cosmic, galactic and intergalactic radiation, as predicted by metaphysical sources including modern Mayan Elders, it’s worth thinking about how humanity will survive and whether those same metaphysical sources have provided us with a valid solution.

The following is a synopsis to help some to decide whether they still want to buy into the 2012 Mayan calendar End-date whoopla or whether they prefer to consider the implications of what has been happening worldwide over the last 20+ years and the future New World Age with a brand new reality. 

Galactic Alignment
Galactic Alignment in 2012? 
Courtesy: Ancient World Mysteries 

An article on the website Ancient World Mysteries provides a good basic explanation of the 2012 Galactic alignment that is being associated with the Mayan calendar End-date, the link is provided here. We are informed that;
… there will be an alignment of the earth, the sun, and the galactic equator twice every year. In one instance, the earth will be between the sun and the galactic equator, and in another (exactly 6 months later) the sun will be between the earth and the galactic equator. The 2012 AD alignment as is said to be associated with the Long Count calendar is of exactly this type, being of the latter stated order: Earth > Sun > Galactic Equator, but critically, with one very important additional factor, which indeed makes the entire arrangement far more complex and infrequent: The 2012 AD conjunction is one that involves the earth, sun, and the galactic equator, specifically at a time when the earth is at the winter solstice (northern hemisphere) point of its orbit, at a seasonal extreme. Now, an event of this sort certainly does not occur every year, but rather once only every 25800 years. And this is due to a very subtle celestial motion: precession. 
It is apparent that many people believe there is going to be a ‘2012’ Galactic alignment of the Sun, Earth with the centre of our galaxy that will take place on the winter solstice, 21st December 2012. John Major Jenkins is a Mayan Researcher who has played a major part in promoting Mayan galactic cosmology and the possibility that this will herald a major world transformation. From the introduction of the book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The true meaning of the Maya calendar End-date [1998], Mayan researcher John Major Jenkins writes: 
The bottom line of my theory is that the ancient Maya chose the 2012 end-date because this is the date on which occurs a rare alignment of the solstice sun with the Galactic Center. I tested my theory, revised it, corresponded with Maya experts and found that by synthesizing recent advances in the fields of archaeology, ethnography (the study of culture), archaeoastronomy (the study of the relationship between astronomy, archaeology, and cultural beliefs), epigraphy (the study of the Maya hieroglyphic writing), and iconography (the study of symbols and pictures), I could strongly support my ideas. Knowing the controversy my work might arouse in the academic community, I felt compelled to document my arguments so that my theory could not be dismissed as vague speculation. 
Well, this alignment actually took place in 1998 and as the Sun is half a degree wide, 2012 is still only the approximate half way point of a process that will take 36 years for the transit to complete. This is according to Jenkins, who wrote in the appendix of the same book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012; "we should allow for at least a thirteen-year range in precessional calculations".

He also states; 
In August of 1994 astrologer Raymond Mardyks published a brief mention of galactic cosmology and the 2012 date in Sedona magazine. As an astrologer, Mardyks distinguishes an astrological difference between the precise solstice/Galaxy alignment “of/1999” and the 13 baktun cycle end-date of 2012, and, therefore, in personal correspondence with me (January 1998) he has disagreed with my interpretation that the Maya intended their 2012 end-date to mark the Galactic Alignment. 
John Major Jenkins from his next book, Galactic Alignment: The transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian and Vedic Traditions (2002), states: 
Early on in my research, I recognised that the solstice-galaxy alignment would occur around 1998 or 1999 […] confirmed by the calculations of European astronomer Jean Meeus and the U.S. Naval Observatory. […] but suffice it to say two things here. First, the fourteen-year error between 1998 and 2012 amounts to less than one-fifth of a degree - a tiny sliver of the width of the full moon and thus negligible, considering it was a forward calculation in precession of at least 2,000 years. Second the sun itself is one-half a degree wide so an alignment zone between 1980 and 2016 must be allowed, thus embracing the 2012 end-date. 
In chapter 21, Jenkins writes: 
Assuming astronomical coordinates and spatial definitions are precise, we could go with the calculation by the European astronomer Jean Meeus. In his 1997 book Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, Meeus calculated the alignment as occurring in May of 1998. English astrologers organized by david Baker at Kingsley Hall in London celebrated the alignment on May 10, 1998. I preferred to recognised May 29 as the shift day, because that was 1 Ahau in the tzolkin calendar. The U.S. Naval Observatory calculated October 27, 1998, as the date. In December 1998 I suggested that the impending solstice would be the day of the first year of the next 26,000-year precessional cycle. These dates are based upon a scientific precision that is perhaps unwarranted.” 
It must be stated that the final sentence in this quote is incredible after the arguments between Mayan researchers which include Jenkins who was involved in a vicious exchange, sorry debate, with Carl Calleman over the Mayan calendar end-date. The 2001 debate actually contrasted two very different ways of interpreting Mayan calendars which Calleman viewed as his approach being spiritual and Jenkin's approach as being materialist. However, over the agreed three essays each, the debate quickly degenerated into a slanging match with Jenkins writing, "In my opinion, whatever the intention, your result is a mish-mash marriage of recycled Arguelles ideas and some clever inventions of your own, making a new spiritual stew to feed the starving." According to Jenkins, Calleman, finished his side of the debate by sending a short email that Jenkins summarised as, "Carl sends me a brief email on December 9th in which he identifies those who follow his end-date [October 28, 2011] as those who are aligned with the Light, while those that chose to agree with the authentic Mayan end-date, December 21, 2012, as those who are aligned with Darkness."

For the more genteel, there is some bewilderment as to the necessity for the serious nastiness amongst Mayan researchers over a variety of astronomical dates that range from a few days, weeks, months years and decades, but apparently this is all required in the pursuit of being the top world “authority” on Mayan timekeeping. 
Yet, in January 1998, Mayan Timekeeper Gerardo Barrios remarked:
For three consecutive Spring Equinoxes, something has happened in the sky that points to the ending/beginning of an age. On this coming Spring Equinox a planetary alignment will point towards the Pleiades. The alignment will house Mercury, Saturn and Mars in its head. To follow will be the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Moon and Pluto at the root of the tail. This cosmic alignment is heading toward the Pleiades, marking this cycle of time as an awakening of the centre of power of the inner Christ. 
I was particularly struck by the beauty of this account, the gentle spirit accompanying this revelation and a reference that the coming changes will bring a time of awakening of the inner Christ, which I believe is mandatory for the evolution of mankind. 
Another misconception is that the December Winter Solstice will actually intersect the Galactic Centre but Jenkins tells us that the current conjunction is some 3 degrees which is still considered close enough to be called a conjunction and the closest pass will be in around 200 hundred years to within 2.45 degrees. Yet, we are left baffled when he goes on to state: 
In the most generalized scenario, the spatial parameters of this solstice sun-Galaxy alignment can be expanded to include the moment the solstice sun first began to conjunct the eastern edge of the Milky Way, which was something like 450 years ago. The temporal range of the alignment, depending on how we define conjunction, can therefore be on the order of 900 years. The problem with looking too closely for a precise solstice sun-Galactic alignment is that the Galactic Center is not a point in the sky but a region, and it has identifiable gravitational and magnetic centers that do not share the same location. Thus for very real empirical reasons, it is misleading to envision the Galactic Center as a precise point in the sky; it is more realistic to see it as the large field covered by a great bulge. 
Despite the strange definition provided of a ‘bulge’ in the sky, Jenkins then informs us; 
More importantly, astronomical considerations allow us to suspect that the real trigger of the World Age shift occurs when the solstice meridian crosses over the Galactic equator, which is complete by the end of 1999. 
At this point, some may query the reason for the confidence assigned to the Maya for the ending of their Mayan Calendar end-date being associated with the 21st December 2012 winter solstice and we have to wonder whether the Maya were tracking some other event of more importance as suggested by other astronomers and astrologers. As we will see, modern Mayan Elders talk about our alignment with the heart of the galaxy but they have refrained from providing us with much detail and as detailed above, there seems to be good reason. 

The Fifth Sun and The Return of Consciousness 
It must be considered that the Mayan and other spiritual traditions understand that evolutionary energies from the Galactic Centre vary in their quantity, quality and properties over time. Hence, the division of earth, air, fire, water and ether with associated cosmic calendars and cycles that take this into account. The following is titled Message From the Mayan Elders of The Eagle Clan, Guatemala and we are told by Don Pascual, Wise elder of the Mam Maya: 
The Mayan prophecies speak to us of the changes towards the fifth Ajaw (fifth sun), on the famous date of December 21, 2012. This date begins the period of 5,200 years.

This is a cycle of wisdom, harmony, peace, love, of consciousness and the return of the natural order. It is not the end of the world as many from outside of the Mayan tradition have misinterpreted it to be. The first cycle (Ajaw/sun) was a feminine energy and its element was fire. The second cycle (Ajaw/sun) was of masculine energy, and its element was earth. The third cycle (Ajaw/sun) was a feminine energy and its element was air. The fourth cycle (Ajaw/sun) is a masculine energy and its element is water. The fifth cycle (Ajaw/sun) will be a fusion of both feminine and masculine energies. It will be a transition where there won't be any more confrontations between the polarities. It will bring balance and there won't be hierarchy of one over the other. Both energies will support each other. It is why this period is called one of harmony, the kingdom of love and the return of consciousness. Its element will be the ether. This fifth Ajaw/sun comes with the power of transmutation. To reach this state of supreme harmony, it will be necessary to create the balance of the forces of the light and the dark. This is where the importance of the call of the Mam elder comes into place - the quest for the unity, the return of the natural order. This call is urgent in the face of the prophetic times in which we are living - principally for the spiritual guides and conscious people. At this time, we need to unite and create a belt of light that will contrast with the negativity.
Interestingly, at the start of chapter 23 of the book Galactic Alignment, Jenkins informs us that; 
The five World Ages in Mesoamerican time philosophy correspond to the five energy levels in the Hindu/Tibetan chakra system. They are united in that both systems draw from the idea of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether (or space). These “stages” of change move from dense matter (earth) through increasingly subtle states, corresponding to the spiritualization of consciousness as the human race evolves. The fifth is ether, or space, meaning that pure spirit has been reached. 
Jenkins remarks that he explored the connection between Hindu and Mayan teaching and this was written up in his book Journey to the Mayan Underworld (1989). Yet, it seems that before I wrote my book, nobody had made the connection between the phenomena of Space Weather and Mayan prophecy. In fact I was dumbfounded when a Mayan researcher queried my research by stating that “Space Weather does not sound like a Mayan Prophecy”. It seems obvious to me that some Mayan researchers have not been too interested in the opinion of genuine Mayan Elders and since they don’t have the right background or training to analyse and interpret scientific information from a wide range of sources, some Mayan predictions have been simply ignored.

... to be continued ... in Chapter II ...  

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